Always keep in mind the hazards associated with carriage of cargoes in bulk

To remind, MV Riga’s Chief Engineer entered the  the cargo hold as he noticed water but fell, which led to a fatality.

Now, Transport Malta draws its attention to SOLAS Chapter VI/VII and the IMSBC Code, that states that prior to loading any solid bulk cargo, it is essential to obtain updated and valid information from the shipper on the physical and chemical properties of the cargo. The responsibility in determining any hazards associated with the transport of cargoes rests primarily with the shipper.

Also, it is noted that

prior to entry into an enclosed space, each cargo hold must be treated as an enclosed space whether loaded or in empty condition.

Note should be taken that after a cargo space or tank has been tested and generally found safe for entry, small areas may still contain oxygen levels that do not support life.


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