ABS, Sembcorp Marine and A*STAR collaboration leads to LNG projects

The project was the outcome of the MoU between ABS, Sembcorp Marine and A*STAR’s IHPC in 2018 to advance the use of LNG as a marine fuel and to make LNG more accessible, reliable and safer for the industry.

The projects developed simulation methodologies, which will facilitate advances in mitigation measures for containing gas leaks, Type C Tank design, through better prediction of boil-off rates, and insulation design for cryogenic storage systems.

Also, the partners of this project will study a range of key issues including leakage during LNG bunkering, boil-off rate management for Type C tanks, and the heat transfer between LNG containment and surrounding structures.

Dr. Gu Hai, ABS Vice President, Singapore Innovation and Research Center stated that the partners have made a progress in research and development that can help drive greater adoption of LNG as a bridging fuel, through innovative solutions for the transfer and containment of LNG.

Mr. Simon Kuik, Head of Research and Development, Sembcorp Marine commented that

… LNG is suitable to be used as an interim source of fuel for the coming decade. Sembcorp Marine has a strong track record of providing LNG-ready solutions that ensure the safe, reliable and cost-effective adoption of this fuel.

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