ABS, DSME to explore solid oxide fuel cells onboard VLCCs

Namely, both sides will use solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology in order to replace at least one of three diesel generators typically on-board a Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC).

To remind, this is the second SOFC focused JDP among ABS and DSME, with the first collaboration back in 2019, when they revealed the high efficiency of a SOFC and gas turbine hybrid system due to the re-use of hot exhaust off-gas.

This JDP will contribute to gain knowledge on safe use and accommodation of a fuel cell system with constraints of space on the ocean going vessels, benefitting maritime sectors seeking green technology for electricity and propulsion.

….said Mr. Il Guk Woo  Vice president of Naval and Energy System Research and Development Institute, DSME.

What is more, both DSME and ABS will review the feasibility of a SOFC System being installed on a VLCC.

DSME from its side, will select the particular type of VLCC for the study, considering analysis of load requirements, emission control zone, stack characterization and system footprint prediction as well as simulation of process flow and arrangement of the system on the vessel and risk analysis.

While ABS will review the findings and evaluate safety issues arising from the arrangement of the system with respect to existing structures and equipment of the vessel in accordance with ABS Rules and Guides.

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