ABS awards two AiPs for AI software solutions

ABS has awarded approvals in principle (AiPs) to HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) for two new solutions that support autonomous navigation.

The first AiP was awarder to the Artificial Intelligence-based Smart LNG Boil-off Gas Management System (Hi-GAS+ AI CHS) which is expected to improve fuel efficiency and minimize cargo loss by providing optimal usage strategies by predicting boil-off gas (BOG) occurrence in real time, in conjunction with operational optimization solutions.

The second AIP was awarded for an Artificial Intelligence-based Autonomous LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (Hi-GAS+ SMART FGSS) that automatically supports control methods and changes depending on the situation, making it easier for crew to operate LNG-powered ships.

We are delighted to continue our industry-leading projects with HD Hyundai in the development of autonomous navigation and operations technologies. These solutions keep the maritime industry moving forward, driving more efficient operations and advancing safety for owners, operators and crews

… said John McDonald, ABS President and COO.

Seung-Ho Jeon, Senior Executive Vice President and CTO at HD HHI stated tha these solutions mark a significant advancement in maritime innovation, highlighting their dedication to improving efficiency, safety and ease of operation for LNG vessels.

These technological innovations emphasize HD Hyundai Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’s outstanding technology in the field of eco-friendly LNG ship operations and are expected to play an unrivaled role in the market.

… said Sungjoon Kim, Senior Executive Vice President and CTO at HD KSOE

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