31 crew saved from sinking vessel off Nova Scotia

The ship ran into trouble after a fire broke, possibly in the engine room, knockingout the vessel’s power.

The captain and three crew members remained on board initially, while the other 27 were lifted off the ship one-by-one. The individual lifts meant rescue crews carried out this manoeuvre with the helicopter 27 times.

It took about 12 hours for everyone to be cleared off the Atlantic Destiny.

As for the Atlantic Destiny’s captain and three crew members, they remained on board, along with two search and rescue technicians. They managed to restore power and started pumping water out of the Atlantic Destiny.

A a day later, everyone had left the Atlantic Destiny and went aboard the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Cape Roger.

The rest of the crew was taken to Yarmouth, to receive medical attention, food and accommodations. No injuries were reported.

Eventually, the Atlantic Destiny ended up sinking.

It’s still not clear what caused the fire, but the whole incident will be investigated.

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