Turkish shipowner selects TCT60 axial turbochargers for Suezmax tankers

A TCT60 type axial turbocharger at the production site in Augsburg. (credit: MAN ES)A TCT60 type axial turbocharger at the production site in Augsburg. (credit: MAN ES)

MAN Energy Solutions has won the order for 3 × TCT60 turbochargers for 3 × MAN B&W 6G70ME-C10.5 prime movers. The single-stage axial turbochargers will be installed in three 158,000 dwt Suezmax tankers. The newbuildings are being constructed for Turkish shipowner, Yasa Tanker, at DHSC shipyard in Korea.

Mustafa Karaduman – Technical Manager,Yasa Tanker – said: “As one of the key systems of a marine diesel engine, the turbocharger plays an important role in ensuring the continuous and stable power supply of the diesel engine and plays an important role in the impact of less exhaust emissions on the environment. Furthermore, the turbocharger performance influences all important engine parameters, such as fuel economy, power, and reliability of the main engine. Yasa Tanker decided to select the TCT60 turbocharger for our 3 × 158,000 dwt tanker projects in DHSC SY in Korea due to the lower OPEX, extended component lifetime, CBM concept, reliability and high-quality German product.”

TCT series

The TCT turbocharger series was launched in 2019. The design has been optimised for Tier III operation, with a smaller and lighter design than the preceding TCA generation. Meanwhile, it offers superior charging-efficiency, and a high air-pressure compared with comparable turbochargers available in the market.

The TCT series is suitable for both conventional and dual-fuelled, and two- and four-stroke engines.

The TCT40 turbocharger was launched in 2019, and the TCT60 type was subsequently launched. The solution has attracted interest in the four-stroke market, as it can achieve market-leading efficiencies of up to 80% as the low-pressure stage in two-stage solutions.

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