TMC supplies eco air system to new cruisers

Illustration of one of the new cruise ships Photo: MSC CruisesIllustration of one of the new cruise ships Photo: MSC Cruises

TMC Compressors (TMC) has won a contract with Fincantieri to supply its environmentally-friendly compressed air system to four cruise ships the Italian shipbuilder is building for MSC Cruises.

Fincantieri has been tasked by MSC Cruises to construct four new generation ultra-luxury cruise ships, the first coming into service in spring 2023. The remaining three ships will come into service one per year over the following three years. Each will have a gross tonnage of 64,000GT and 500 cabins.

“We have read that guest service on these four vessels will be taken to another level, including a 24/7 personalised butler service,” said Hans Petter Tanum, TMC’s director of sales and business development. “This is the same type of service level impression we want to leave on Fincantieri and MSC,” he added.

TMC will deliver its Smart Air compressed air system to the four vessels, to supply both working and service air on board as well as air compressor to the vessels’ SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system.

TMC’s Smart Air compressors are said to offer a 50% energy saving compared to conventional compressors.

“Today’s cruise passengers are increasingly environmentally conscious,” said Hans Petter Tanum, The ambitions of the modern cruise lines and shipbuilders helps drive this trend by designing and constructing vessels that protects the ocean specifically and the environment in general. This is also the crux of our Smart Air technology, which contributes towards a greener cruise industry.”

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