The Motorship | Flexible financing comes to BWT sector

Optimarin executive vice president, Tore Andersen Photo: OptimarinOptimarin executive vice president, Tore Andersen Photo: Optimarin

Optimarin has adopted a novel approach to meet growing demand for flexible financing by offering the first leasing option within the ballast water management sector.

The innovation has been conceived to meet market demand from owners and operators, helping them meet regulatory requirements without large CAPEX outlays, a welcome move given economic uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The need to comply with IMO and USCG regulations is not going away,” said Optimarin executive vice president, Tore Andersen. “At the same time shipowners have been plunged into economic uncertainty due to coronavirus and the impact on every link within the shipping value chain. This has the potential to be a real problem.”

The firm, which currently has around 600 units installed, 40% of which are retrofits, has partnered with a UK-based finance company to offer customers the chance to improve their cash flow by splitting payments into small, manageable monthly amounts.

No payment or deposit is required up front and all servicing and spare parts can be included in a simple, comprehensive package. Interest rates, Tore Andersen said, are in line with competitive bank financing without the complex requirements and demands.

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