Tanker “Copper Spirit” Rescues 107 Migrants Near Italy

The tanker “COPPER SPIRIT” carried out multiple consecutive rescue operations at sea under the guidance of the Italian Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre (MRCC), successfully saving 107 survivors who were subsequently disembarked at an Italian port.

On May 8th, en route to Genoa in the Mediterranean for oil discharge, the “COPPER SPIRIT” altered its course upon receiving instructions from the Italian MRCC to assist a distressed boat. Arriving at the scene during nighttime, the vessel effectively rescued all 35 migrants on board.

Subsequently, the “COPPER SPIRIT” received another directive to proceed south and rescue a second distressed vessel. Once again, the ship arrived promptly and successfully rescued all 72 survivors. With a total of 107 survivors on board, the “COPPER SPIRIT” then set course for Catania. On May 9th, the tanker arrived a few miles off the port and departed without incident, heading towards the refinery at Milazzo.

Teekay Corporation, the operator of the “COPPER SPIRIT,” expressed that while saving lives at sea is an obligation rooted in international law, it is also a strong personal belief shared by seafarers worldwide.

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