Stena Bulk completes trial of marine biofuel on MR tanker

Stena Bulk's <i>Stena Immortal</i> completed a trial of GoodFuel's biofuel in April. (Picture courtesy of Stena Bulk)Stena Bulk’s Stena Immortal completed a trial of GoodFuel’s biofuel in April. (Picture courtesy of Stena Bulk)

Stena Bulk’s MR tanker Stena Immortal successfully completed a trial operating on 100% bio-fuel oil running in typical commercial operation earlier in April.

During the trial, the BFO was tested in tanks, storage and as it was burned in the ship’s low-speed main engine.

The fuel tested was MR1-100 bio-fuel oil, produced from used cooking oil and supplied by GoodFuels in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The MR tanker received the first delivery of bio-fuel oil during a recent call at the Port of Rotterdam.

Commenting on the trial, Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk said ““We like to show the industry that we can start reducing the carbon footprint of shipping here and now while maintaining highest quality technical and commercial operations. The Stena Immortal performed very well running on the biofuel while continuing to deliver according to our customers’ needs without any disruption.”

The 183-meter long MR tanker Stena Immortal, which was taken into service in 2016, has a cargo capacity of 54,000m3 cubic meters and forms one of Stena Bulk’s IMOIIMAX class of tankers.

Following the successful trial on Stena Immortal, Stena Bulk and GoodFuels Marine will continue working together to gain more experience and scale the usage of bio-fuel oil as an alternative to conventional fossil-based fuel.

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