Stadt extends electric propulsion solution

Stadt has introduced a variable speed option to its electric propulsion solution. (Image: Stadt)Stadt has introduced a variable speed option to its electric propulsion solution. (Image: Stadt)

Norwegian power specialist Stadt has extended the scope of its electric propulsion solution, Lean Propulsion, to maximise the operational benefits of gensets fitted with variable speed control.

Stadt has added a variable generator, or VariAC, option to its existing Lean Propulsion solution. The option enables the system to accommodate varying engine speeds for diesel or LNG gensets fitted with variable speed-control.

The solution has been developed in collaboration with PON Caterpillar. It was developed to meet the operational requirements of variable-speed MaK and Caterpillar gensets.

As a result, the frequency of the AC grid will vary between 40-50 Hz, 45-65 Hz and 40-60 Hz. The power load will be seamless regulated by propeller speed (RPM) and the pitch of the controllable pitch propeller. By introducing three different power-modes – Low, Medium and High-power – ship operators will gain precise control over power-load and ship-speed.

Stadt’s existing Lean Propulsion electric propulsion system controls the propeller power by regulating both the pitch and the RPM of the propeller.

The solution is expected to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, and also offers lower maintenance costs, the company claims.

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