Sertica data helps save survey time

Torm uses Sertica’s data to pass to DNV GL Photo: SerticaTorm uses Sertica’s data to pass to DNV GL Photo: Sertica

Tanker company Torm is saving valuable time by importing data from Sertica’s planned maintenance system to DNV GL to digitalise surveys and improve performance.

DNV GL’s Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) enables maintenance data from Sertica to be presented in a digital dashboard, rather than requiring surveyors to travel to each vessel and go on board. Most surveys – apart from annuals, intermediates, and specials – can now be undertaken remotely and more efficiently, saving time and travel costs.

Sean Roberts, PMS project manager at Torm said, “We now prepare for our inspections digitally by uploading the data before an actual inspection. With all the data available in Sertica this has proven to be relatively easy as it is only a matter of setting up a report in Sertica, which is sent to DNV GL.”

Torm has uploaded maintenance data from the previous five years and updates the data every week. The weekly report is automatically sent to DNV GL and contains information such as vessel name, component class code, job description, job history, running hours and due hours.

The dashboards replace the initial and annual MPMS survey and provide a complete breakdown of any class related maintenance already completed or overdue. Torm can access data in real time to create a maintenance plan and can compare sister vessels to optimise performance.

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