Scrubber installation alongside pier

The scrubber being installed on board the ‘Seaviolet’ Photo: VDL AEC MaritimeThe scrubber being installed on board the ‘Seaviolet’ Photo: VDL AEC Maritime

VDL AEC Maritime’s scrubber solution has been installed on board the M/T ‘Seaviolet’ which is operated by Thenamaris Ships Management, following the previous successful installation on board the M/T ‘Seaking’.

The challenge during this installation was the integration of the system while the vessel was afloat berthed alongside a pier.

“We are very pleased to witness the successful completion of this retrofit project, our first in Greek territory and in such a short period of time, which made us very proud,” said Vasilis Valsamis, project manager in charge of retrofits for Thenamaris.

“The close cooperation, hard work, determination and attention to detail of all involved paid off,” he added.

The Suezmax Seaviolet underwent the scrubber installation within a very short time period and the project was completed after commissioning the system during the sea trials.

In addition to the scrubber installation at the pier, which significantly reduced the retrofit costs, VDL AEC Maritime integrated an optimisation upgrade which reduces the required water consumption while being in 0.1% compliance, therefore increasing the efficiency of the scrubber technology.

“The results during the sea trials were excellent,” said the project manager of VDL AEC Maritime. “We are very proud that our developments are helping our clients to continuously increase the efficiency of their fleet while being in full compliance with the IMO regulations.”

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