Schottel propels hybrid ferries for Norled

The ‘Festøya’, the first of four Schottel-equipped ferries for Norled Photo: SchottelThe ‘Festøya’, the first of four Schottel-equipped ferries for Norled Photo: Schottel

The first of four Schottel-equipped hybrid ferries for Norwegian ferry operator Norled has recently entered operation.

Each of the four double-ended RoPax ferries built at the Remontowa shipyard in Poland features two Schottel EcoPellers type SRE 340. These are powered by a diesel-electric hybrid system and operated by green battery power during transit.

The main propulsion for the LMG 120-DEH design vessels comprises electrically-driven Schottel EcoPellers type SRE 340 with 2.1 m diameter fixed-pitch propellers which enable a service speed of 10 kn and a free running speed of 12.5 kn.

The propulsion units are designed to provide full thrust in the required direction even with strong side winds. In operating mode, the power is supplied by two rechargeable battery packs installed on board. A shore charging system, which also includes an automatic mooring system, recharges these batteries from the mains when the vessels are docked. The vessels use generators, run on biodiesel, only in an emergency.

Two of the 114.4 m long and 17.7 m wide Norled ferries will service the Festøya-Solavågen route and have capacity for up to 120 cars and 296 passengers. The other two vessels will operate the Mannheller-Fodnes route and can carry up to 395 passengers.

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