Schottel propels heavy lift crane vessel

The ‘Les Alizés’ Photo: Schottel The ‘Les Alizés’ Photo: Schottel

Jan De Nul has ordered a heavy lift crane vessel capable of lifting 5,000 tonnes from the CMHI Haimen shipyard in China.

The vessel, to be named Les Alizés and scheduled for 2022, will be equipped with a full Schottel propulsion package comprising four rudderpropellers, two retractable rudderpropellers and two transverse thrusters.

Philippe Hutse, offshore director at Jan De Nul Group said, “Thanks to her dimensions and her impressive lifting and loading capacities, Les Alizés will be able to load out, transport and install multiple units of the largest and heaviest wind turbine foundations.”

The main propulsion system of the crane vessel comprises four electrically driven Schottel Rudderpropellers type SRP 610 FP, each with an input power of 3,000 kW and a propeller diameter of 3.30m enabling Les Alizés to reach 13 knots.

Two Schottel Retractable Rudderpropellers type SRP 610 R of 3,250 kW each and a propeller diameter of 3.00m and two Schottel Transverse Thrusters type STT 7 FP of 2,600 kW each and a propeller diameter of 2.79m are installed in the bow.

A condition monitoring system will extend the dry-docking period from five to seven and a half years and the vessel will carry Cleanship NDO7 and Green Passport EU labels.

With a main crane of 5,000 tonnes, loading capacity of 61,000 tonnes and a deck space of 9,300m2, Les Alizés will mainly be used for the construction of offshore wind farms but is also suitable for decommissioning offshore oil and gas platforms.

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