ScanReach gets onboard connectivity boost

ScanReach is developing a solution to help onboard data connectivity Photo: ScanReachScanReach is developing a solution to help onboard data connectivity Photo: ScanReach

Innovation Norway has awarded NOK18.5m to ScanReach for a series of development projects to make operations safer, greener and more efficient at sea by bringing wireless connectivity to the maritime and offshore industries.

The solution helps improve data connectivity on board ships as bulkheads and steel compartments interfere with the reliability of wireless signals.

“ScanReach has spent the last five years developing a unique technology for onboard wireless digital communication through steel,” said John Roger Nesje, ScanReach chief executive. “Applying this technology will be a key driver for digitalisation and optimisation of the global maritime industry, while creating enormous opportunities for value creation in the Norwegian maritime industry,” he added.

The five pilot projects will cover enhanced personnel protection for the offshore wind industry, retrofitting ships for real time monitoring of fuel consumption, a retrofit solution for environmental monitoring of hazardous areas on board vessels, wireless sensor solutions for automatic Man Over Board and fall detection and enhanced personnel protection for the oil and gas industry.

Funding from Innovation Norway supports up to 60% of the total contract costs and partners include Olympic Shipping, REM Offshore, Havila Shipping, Peak Group, Dess Aquaculture Shipping and Awilco Drilling. The projects start in 2020 and will run until 2022.

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