ScanjetPSM Launches Digital Sextant

A new Digital Sextant has been engineered to provide back-up navigation in the event of failure or malicious adjustment of the GPS system, says manufacturer ScanjetPSM.

The Digital Sextant provides a simple to use solution that requires no specialist training and is capable of delivering accurate readings within one second of sighting, without the need for additional charts or tools. It enables fast, accurate identification of position with longitude and latitude readings, minimizing the opportunity for operator error and providing and recording the location within seconds. Once readings have been taken, the position is immediately displayed. If the vessel is moving, the heading and speed can be entered. With no manual calculations required, the attendant risk of errors is removed.

Developed as an alternative to traditional manual sextants, the Digital Sextant provides uses the latest computerized technology to eliminate the need for complex calculations and additional equipment. The embedded design incorporates a built-in chronometer, with access to the astronomical details of 67 celestial bodies (the sun, moon, stars, planets etc).  And while the device is electronic, it is stand-alone and not reliant on any other external sources or systems.  

Powerful algorithms offer automatic position analysis and global position calculation with easy self-zeroing calibration. The device displays accurate positioning data within one second following sighting, compared to the more usual 20-30 minutes.

Between uses, the Digital Sextant, which is CE and FCC certified, can be stored for protection in an optional robust case that provides complete EMP shielding.  As with all ScanjetPSM products, the new Digital Sextant is supported by 24-hour worldwide support through the Scanjet network.

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