Scana wins first offshore wind farm contract

Scana Offshore has won its first floating wind power contract Photo: Scana OffshoreScana Offshore has won its first floating wind power contract Photo: Scana Offshore

Kvaerner has awarded Incus-owned Scana Offshore a contract for the supply of mooring equipment to Hywind Tampen, Equinor’s new floating wind farm in the Norwegian North Sea.

The contract, the first in the floating wind power market for Scana Offshore, comprises 33 hull brackets which are used to attach anchoring lines to the hulls on the 11 offshore wind turbines that make up the Hywind Tampen wind farm. The company will also provide ROV tools for possible replacement of the anchor lines.

“The contract is a confirmation of our engineers’ expertise,” said Torkjell Lisland, managing director of Scana Offshore.

From being a supplier of equipment to the oil and gas industry, the company now focuses more on fish farming and floating wind power which it sees as having great potential. ”In order to get into offshore wind and aquaculture, we have developed new and cost-reducing technology,” said Mr Lisland. “The Hywind Tampen contract represents a breakthrough for this technology and provides feedback that Scana Offshore’s focus on continuous product development is the right way to go,” he added.

“This is a market we have worked hard to get into,” said Styrk Bekkenes, chief executive of Incus Investor. “The breakthrough gives us another segment to grow in, and we see offshore wind as one of the most exciting areas for further growth over the next few years.”

The Hywind Tampen project will start immediately and the anchoring equipment will be delivered to Kvaerner in the spring of 2021.

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