ProZero Wins Order for High-speed Inspection Workboat

ProZero International says it has signed a contract for a new ProZero 15m FR Workboat set up for inspection and workboat operations in Norwegian waters.

The Danish boat builder will deliver the Prospero 15m FR Workboat though the Norwegian subsidiary ProZero Norway AS. The client is a main contractor to the aquaculture business in Norway, offering services within environmental surveys, impact assessments, current measurements, fjord monitoring, mapping of bottom topography and assessments of treatment plants as well as assessments of new fish farms.

The new boat is based on Tuco Marine’s ProZero concept and has been designed to allow full use of technology to support the inspections and survey operations.

The boat is designed to accommodate aquaculture and environmental specialists, and the latest equipment in addition to a dedicated helmsman and crewmember. The hull has been specially adapted to address two challenges that are hard to solve at once: on the one hand the low drag in order to be efficient and minimize fuel consumptions, and on the other hand antiroll and great course stability preforming surveys.

The boat is equipped with Z-drives and the deep V-hull which make it agile and seaworthy, the builder says. It is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 25 knots under full loading conditions.

Advanced onboard equipment includes high-tech communication, liniehandler and an onboard crane system build into the boats structure. The cabin has been designed with acute attention to ergonomics and working environment, according to the builder. The cabin is insulated to ensure easy communication under all operating conditions, and the layout has been developed with the purpose of facilitating workflow coordination, not only during the inspections and surveys but also during transport to and from the sites. The cockpit layout is arranged to maximize the use of state-of-the-art operations management and situational awareness electronic aids.

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