POSH Offshore Vessel for Cargo Ship Crews Calling in Singapore

Offshore marine services provider PACC Offshore Services Holdings’ (POSH) accommodation vessel has been designated by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (“MPA”) to support crew changes for cargo ships calling in Singapore.

To date, MPA has approved about 6,000 crew changes for cargo ships since 27 March 2020. For crew change applications made from 19 June 2020, MPA has designated two facilities – including POSH’s accommodation unit – to accommodate crew who are unable to transfer directly to his/her vessel or flight and require a temporary rest area of up to 48 hours.

Also, to facilitate crew signing off in Singapore, technology such as tele-medicine consultations can be used to obtain a fit-to-travel certificate.

POSH said it had configured its accommodation vessel, POSH Bawean, for deployment at the Eastern Working Anchorage. 

The vessel will be used to house transit seafarers before their flights out of Singapore or sign-on for the next assignment for up to 48 hours. 

POSH Bawean has 52 rooms over four floors, with the capacity to provide up to 178 guest beds.

This accommodation vessel enables seafarers to be repatriated safely, given that many have spent extended periods out at sea due to COVID-19, POSH said.




Guestroom features:
• Air conditioning
• Ensuite bathroom
• Work desk
• Toiletries
• Bottled water
• Sanitiser and face masks

Through the establishment of a “safe corridor”, cargo ships calling in Singapore are now able to carry out crew changes while minimizing public health risk.

Lee Keng Lin, Chief Executive Officer, POSH, said, “The need for safe crew changes has become increasingly urgent against the global COVID-19 backdrop. 

As a Singapore-headquartered offshore marine solutions provider, we are deeply honored to support MPA in enabling this industry-leading initiative. With our proven track record in offshore accommodation and offshore hospitality management, we stand ready to serve the broader needs of our stakeholders and clients.” 

All transit seafarers onboard will follow health and safety measures set out by MPA, including minimizing interaction and having temperature screenings twice a day with deep cleaning and disinfection of rooms upon occupants’ checkout, POSH said.

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