Offshore Wind Will Bring Jobs, Growth to New Jersey, Other Coastal States

NOIA President Erik Milito issued the following statement after New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced the creation of the nation’s first purpose-built marshalling and manufacturing port dedicated to the offshore wind industry:

“New Jersey is making a smart move by betting on offshore wind. A thriving and innovative American offshore wind sector is close, but we need to invest in improved ports and infrastructure to make it a reality. Expanded port and manufacturing facilities up and down the East Coast will bolster the construction bandwidth for offshore wind, creating efficiencies and reducing the risk of prohibitive delays. With a $70 billion supply chain and an estimated 83,000 American jobs on the horizon this decade, New Jersey and other Atlantic states recognize this opportunity and are positioning themselves as foundations for a new American industry.  

“There is real progress being made at the Federal, state and local level in support offshore wind. NOIA is excited and optimistic about what both the near- and long-term future hold for American offshore wind.”

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