Newport offers LNG conversion services

Newport sees LNG as a way to meet IMO environmental targets Photo: Newport ShippingNewport sees LNG as a way to meet IMO environmental targets Photo: Newport Shipping

Newport Shipping offers a full range of services for LNG conversions for clients to meet the challenge of achieving the International Maritime Organisation’s decarbonisation goals.

Newport Shipping is confident that conversion with existing technology LNG modification offers the shipping industry a credible and achievable mid-term solution in cutting emissions for shipowners to meet the 2030 target.

“Retrofitting all the vessels currently at sea with greener technology is paramount if we want to attain the scale of emission-cutting that is required,” said Lianghui Xia, managing director, Newport Shipping. “The recent Covid-19 crisis will only intensify the urgency towards building a more environmentally friendly and humane global eco-system for generations to come,” he added.

Newport offers turn-key solutions for retrofitting through in-house expertise and partnerships with suppliers of tanks, engine manufacturers, LNG systems and equipment providers, BOG compressor manufacturers and design offices. The company can also arrange deferred payment options of 5 to 7 years.

The company can arrange for the design and fabrication of type B and type C tanks (below deck or deck-mounted), FGSS, CTS for retrofit projects and also for newbuild projects, covering both H/P and L/P fuel systems of two-stroke and four-stroke marine propulsion and generator engines.

Working with its long-term partners, Newport is currently discussing project development and vessel type and size with a number of clients.

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