New series and new facilities for new brand

PBST has already supplied some TCT turbochargers in two-stage combinations (image: PBST)PBST has already supplied some TCT turbochargers in two-stage combinations (image: PBST)

Less than a year after its formation, PBST has had a promising start and is already “co-developing an updated radial turbocharger series, which will be available to highspeed engine manufacturers very soon,” its marketing and communications manager Denis Pissarski told The Motorship. No details about that project are available yet, “but this is a huge step for us,” he said.

Another big step planned for later this year will see a new Turbocharger Performance Centre open in PBST’s home town, Augsburg in southern Germany. At €50M, it will be the largest investment ever in the city and “proves that we see a bright future in turbocharging,” he said.

PBST was formed last July to bring together MAN Energy Solutions’ air management systems and the Czech turbocharger manufacturer PBS Turbo, creating a company that covers not only turbochargers but also other exhaust gas technologies, such as electrical turbo blowers and catalytic converters for selective catalytic reduction.

One of the main reasons for the reorganisation was because MAN Energy Solutions had been approached in the past by competing OEMs that wished to make use of its portfolio, Mr Pissarski said. Now it can do business with them and has found new markets in other industries. These include the industrial, locomotive and construction sectors and the new turbocharger series he mentioned is expected to increase PBST’s footprint in those areas.

That distinction is reflected in how the products it delivers are labelled. As The Motorship reported last July, OEM customers receive PBST-branded turbochargers while MAN engines, including those manufactured under licence, will continue to be equipped with MAN-branded turbochargers.

A few months before PBST’s formation, MAN Energy Solutions had launched its TCT turbocharger series, which is smaller than its predecessor, the TCA generation, “to meet current market requirements,” the company said in a statement at the time.

Its development passed to PBST and Mr Pissarski said that a number of TCT40 and TCT60 units have been sold as the low-pressure component in two-stage turbocharging installations, both for MAN engines and for other OEM customers. Combined with its TCX turbocharger as the high-pressure stage, “we can achieve up to 80% efficiency, which is really fantastic,” he said.

As a stand-alone single-stage turbocharger, however, field tests are still being run “due to unforeseen complications,” he said. Together with the impact of the coronavirus slowdown, “we are a bit behind schedule [but] the feedback is very positive so far” and enquiries from shipowners and yards are also encouraging, he added. “All in all, we are very satisfied with the start of PBST brand. We have not only met but exceeded our targets,” he said.

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