New safety scorecard focuses on transparency

RightShip’s new Safety Score Photo: RightShipRightShip’s new Safety Score Photo: RightShip

RightShip has launched its new Safety Score, heralding a new era for safety and due diligence in the shipping industry.

The new Safety Score is in response to industry feedback calling for more transparent methods of assessing vessels, providing an explicable metric that includes only those factors which are under the operator’s control.

“We have created a balanced score which can be used by all members of the supply chain,” said RightShip chief executive, Martin Crawford-Brunt. “For our due diligence customers, it provides a clearer insight to the operational performance of a vessel and DOC holder. Coupled with maritime expertise, it allows for the assessment of a nominated vessel and the provision of a vetting recommendation for a charterer.

“For the shipowning community, the new Safety Score takes into account management performance and approach, giving owners a true understanding into how they can improve safety across multiple parameters,” he added.

The Safety Score will be housed on the new RightShip Platform which will replace the current platform Qi as well as the previous system – Risk Rating – which predicted the likelihood of a vessel having an incident across the next 12 months. The new Safety Score analyses the severity of any previous incidents, the frequency of incidents and any previously identified detentions and deficiencies. The new score also takes account of the proactivity of owners, operators and managers in managing safety and risk.

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