MAN ES approval for Talusia Universal cylinder oil

Total Lubmarine received an approval from MAN Energy Solutions for its Talusia Universal cylinder oil on 19 May, indicating the firm’s confidence in the product.

The No Objection Letter (NOL) was received following successful tests carried out on an 8S50MC-C MAN B&W two-stroke engine in 2019, operating on IMO 2020-compliant low sulphur fuel (VLSFO, max 0.50%S). MAN ES engineers carried out inspections at the start, in the middle and at the end of the tests, and concluded that the performance of Talusia Universal was acceptable.

The NOL supersedes preceding NOLs issued by MAN ES covering Talusia Universal.

Total Lubmarine’s Global Marketing Director Serge Dal Farra commented: “In the future, we will recommend as a first choice TALUSIA Universal for MAN engines running on MGO or ULSFO because our in-service experience shows a better operational safety margin and a better cleaning ability as requested by MAN ES. In line with MAN ES’s new Service Letter, Talusia LS 40 can also be used for this application.”

Dal Farra added: “We can confirm because its approval tests that TALUSIA Universal can be used continuously with 2020 compliant fuels, and has also proven to provide additional safety margins compared to 40 BN cylinder oil, achieving the lowest recommended LOFR when based on visual inspection and drain oil analysis.”

Dal Farra concluded by noting, “Customers have not experienced any particular issue with our Talusia LS 25, and we will continue to supply this product while there is demand from the market. However, we note MAN’s new Service Letter does not list BN 15 to BN 25 cylinder oils.”

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