MAN ES agrees strategic digitalisation partnership with Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital has partnered with MAN Energy Solutions on a digitalisation project with Höegh Autoliners (credit: Kongsberg)Kongsberg Digital has partnered with MAN Energy Solutions on a digitalisation project with Höegh Autoliners (credit: Kongsberg)

As part of a newly agreed strategic digitalisation partnership with Kongsberg Digital, MAN Energy Solutions will collaborate in developing digitalisation solutions for the maritime sector.

The two companies are exploring synergies between Kongsberg Digital’s new Vessel Insight data infrastructure solution and MAN ES’ PrimeServ Assist digital solution for the optimisation of engine use and maintenance.

Integrating the data from PrimeServ Assist into Vessel Insight will improve the contextualised data for the majority of vessels with MAN ES’ two-stroke engines on board, the companies claimed.

Customers will benefit from interfacing with one system instead of many, automated data integration, and a larger selection of digital solutions. The companies expect this will accelerate the digital transformation and more cost efficient for customers in the maritime sector.

“The engine is the most critical component onboard a vessel, and this strategic collaboration will ensure optimal operation and maintenance of the engine,” says Hege Skryseth, President, Kongsberg Digital. “This will generate significant value for our customers. We look forward to working together with MAN Energy Solutions and our customers to ensure that they get the digital solutions that fit their capabilities and needs.”

Inaugural Höegh Autoliners project

In the first project under the agreement, the two companies will deliver joint digital infrastructure to Höegh Autoliners.

The inaugural project aims to enable real time engine monitoring and digital assistance for optimisation, while reducing digital equipment onboard. Kongsberg Digital will provide its data infrastructure solution, Vessel Insight, for real time data transfer while MAN Energy Solutions will deploy PrimeServ Assist for engine data analysis.

The solution is currently in a testing and validation phase.

Per Hansson, Head of Digital and Strategy, MAN Energy Solutions, says: “We are constantly searching for opportunities to bring the benefits from digital development to our customers faster and more easily. Our advanced analytics and support services are areas where we can provide unique benefits to our customers’ businesses – further optimising the operation, maintenance and availability of their vessels. Working together with renowned industry partners like Kongsberg Digital gives us one more way to provide our services to our customers, and to jointly further digitalisation within the maritime sector.”

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