Lubrizol joins zero emissions coalition

The Getting to Zero Coalition comprises 100 organisations Photo: LubrizolThe Getting to Zero Coalition comprises 100 organisations Photo: Lubrizol

The Lubrizol Corporation has become the first lubricant additive technology supplier to join the Getting to Zero Coalition, an international group which aims to develop commercially viable, zero-emissions deep-sea ships by 2030.

Lubrizol is a specialist in lubricant and fuel research, recently analysing IMO 2020-compliant very low sulphur fuel oil blends to develop a cylinder oil additive package to handle the widely varying properties of such fuels.

“Joining the Getting to Zero Coalition is an opportunity for Lubrizol to contribute to one of the most important challenges of our time,” said Simon Tarrant, business manager – large engines, with Lubrizol.

A partnership between the Global Maritime Forum, the World Economic Forum and Friends of Ocean Action, the Getting to Zero Coalition comprises 100 organisations and is endorsed by 14 governments. It has chosen 2030 as its target date because most ships after that date will still be sailing in 2050, by which time the IMO hopes to decrease emissions from shipping by half.

New fuels and enhanced engine design will bring new operating condition challenges. Ian Bown, technical manager – marine diesel engine oils, with Lubrizol, added, “We are talking with engine manufacturers to understand the challenges that new fuels might bring. This will help us to evaluate the type of additive chemistry required in the future.”

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