LR awards AiP to SHI for NH3-fuelled Aframax design

Viken Shipping's 112,000dwt <i>Breiviken</i> is a recent example of Samsung Heavy Industries' Aframax expertise. (credit: Marine Kjell Randa)Viken Shipping’s 112,000dwt Breiviken is a recent example of Samsung Heavy Industries’ Aframax expertise. (credit: Marine Kjell Randa)

Samsung Heavy Industries was awarded approval in principle (AiP) from Lloyd’s Register (LR) for its ammonia-fuelled Aframax tanker design. Following the AiP, the shipyard confirmed plans to commercialise an NH3-fuelled Aframax design as well as its own ammonia fuel gas supply system from 2024.

The approval represents an important stage in the development of the design. A joint development project involving SHI, LR, engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions and shipowner MISC Berhad was launched in January.

The development of its own ammonia FGSS represents a further step in the evolution of Samsung Heavy Industries’ range of solutions.

Jong-Hyun Youn, SHI EVP and head of design, said: “The ammonia fuel design project led by SHI brings all relevant stakeholders spanning from the fuel supplier to operator and it will result in a commercial outcome.”

LR Group CEO designate and Marine and Offshore Director Nick Brown said: “LR is working with leading industry partners to make deep-sea zero-carbon vessels a reality within this decade. Shipping needs action not words to deliver on the IMO’s 2050 GHG ambitions and this challenge calls for collective action and industry collaboration. Following the announcement of the ammonia-fuelled tanker joint development project in January, we are delighted that SHI has made steady progress on the fuel gas supply system and detailed ship design.”

The AiP is one of the first to be awarded for an NH3-fuelled vessel design. Hyundai Mipo (HMD) received an AiP from LR for an NH3-fuelled MR tanker design in July this year. Local media sources in Korea report that HMD is planning to offer its NH3-fuelled design to customers from 2025.

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