JRC/Alphatron Marine to Launch Online Training Courses

On September 30, JRC/Alphatron Marine will roll out its online learning management system, allowing distributors to follow training courses from anywhere in the world. Instead of traveling to a JRC/Alphatron Marine Center of Excellence or other training locations, users can now log in via the Global Training Academy (GTA)-portal on your mobile, tablet, or computer to ensure skills are up-to-date.

JRC/Alphatron Marine said the starting point in the development of the Online Training Module was to ensure that the quality of the new online courses matches the quality of the current classroom trainings, which are given by trainers with years of experience in training and service in the maritime field. Therefore, the company worked with different departments from JRC and Alphatron Marine worldwide to bring in expertise to help translate the regular training methods into a digital version.

Not all training courses will be the same. “For some simpler equipment, a participant will be able to obtain a certificate through an online course. For other advanced equipment we will combine the course with an online classroom,” explained Monique Scholten, Manager Training at JRC | Alphatron Marine. “For more complicated equipment such as radars, MFD’s and VDR, actual classroom training will still be needed. Things like regulations and software updates can be taught and practiced online, but an actual installation needs to be practiced on real equipment. Within these kinds of courses, you will have to obtain partial certificates before you can participate in a classroom training.”

“Our trainers are working hard to get more courses available in the near future and the next step will be the online training availability for other users such as ship’s crew. Also these online training courses are provided by our foreign offices,” Scholten said.

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