IACS Council focuses on technology

Koichi Fujiwara has been appointed chair of the IACS Council Photo: ClassNKKoichi Fujiwara has been appointed chair of the IACS Council Photo: ClassNK

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Council has held its 81th session by video conference, discussing a range of technical initiatives and electing Koichi Fujiwara of ClassNK as its new chair.

Chaired by Arun Sharma, Indian Register of Shipping Executive chair, who has concluded his own year at the helm of the IACS Council, the sessoin focused on digitalisation, decarbonisation and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Looking back on his time in office, Mr Sharma said, “The previous 12 months have seen significant advances by IACS across a range of topics including the establishment of a data-driven policy, strengthening IACS’s approach to quality and further progress with IQARB, a consolidated IACS recommendation on cyber resilience and the establishment of an expert group on MASS.

“I am most proud, however, of IACS’s support to industry and IMO during the Covid-19 pandemic by adopting a flexible and pragmatic approach that nevertheless remains true to the safety and environmental objectives of the classification and statutory regimes.’

Incoming chair, Koichi Fujiwara, outlined how he wants the IACS to become more responsive to external challenges and congratulated Mr Sharma. “I inherit an organisation in strong shape and one that is positioning itself well for the future,” he said.

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