Hyundai retrofits new AI navigation tool to bulker

Hyundai Heavy's 'Hyundai Intelligent Navigation Assistant System' was retrofitted to an operational 250,000 dwt SK Shipping bulk carrier.Hyundai Heavy’s ‘Hyundai Intelligent Navigation Assistant System’ was retrofitted to an operational 250,000 dwt SK Shipping bulk carrier.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has successfully retrofitted its ‘Hyundai Intelligent Navigation Assistant System’ (HiNAS) navigation tool to a 250,000 dwt bulker operated by SK Shipping. HHI claims this is the first time a large operational vessel has been fitted with an AI-assisted navigation technology.

The new HiNAS tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify nearby ships through ship camera analysis and to determine the risk of collision. The system notifies the navigator if necessary.

The solution also uses infrared cameras, permitting operation in poor weather conditions or at night. The system captures information about nearby vessels’ location and speed, and combines it with an augmented reality (AR) display.

The tool extends HHI’s suite of digitalisation services, which includes the voyage optimisation solution (ISS). The diversified shipbuilder and technology developer has also been developing an ‘Early Eye Support System’ (HiBAS), which shows the surroundings at a glance when ships are docked.

HHI noted that the HiNAS technology is also a ‘core technology’ for the deployment of autonomous operations to larger vessels.

An HHI representative noted that the shipbuilder intended to “secure leadership” in markets related to autonomous navigation. “The autonomous navigation ship is the future ship in which the 4th industrial revolution technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) are concentrated”, the representative concluded.

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