HHI digital health system given AiP by LR

(l-r) Seung-Ho Jeon and Luis Benito Photo: LR(l-r) Seung-Ho Jeon and Luis Benito Photo: LR

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded approval in principle (AiP) to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for its digital health management (DHM) system for a Type B gas containment tank, following a joint development project between the two launched in November 2019.

The Hyundai Prismatic Independent IMO Type B Tank eXcellence (HiPIX), has been assessed against LR’s ShipRight Procedure for Digital Compliance, resulting in HiPIX receiving Digital Twin Ready AiP.

HHI aims to develop a complete DHM system for its LNG Fuel Type B Tank fitted on board the world’s first dual-fuelled ultra-large container ships that are currently under construction at Hyundai Samho Yard.

“A new paradigm in shipping has started, towards remote operations, when digital health management technology starts enabling remote servicing, maintenance and testing of critical equipment for the safety of ships, with digital technology that can be trusted,” said Luis Benito, LR’s marine & offshore innovation and co-creation director.

HiPIX is a suite of software and service solutions designed to assure the structural safety of Type B tanks and enhance performance using digital twin technology and data as an alternative to a physical survey.

The digital twin’s ability to process real-time data and generate insights on the health condition of the gas tank improves effectiveness by allowing just-in-time, specific maintenance decisions. Furthermore, its ability to estimate and localise developing faults allows accurate tracking and action to prevent costly failures.

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