GTT signs licensing agreement with Zvezda Shipyard

Zvezda Shipyard is at the centre of the Russian Federation's LNG carrier construction programme.Zvezda Shipyard is at the centre of the Russian Federation’s LNG carrier construction programme.

GTT has announced the signing of a Technical Assistance and License Agreement (TALA) with Zvezda Shipyard.

The agreement is for the construction of membrane systems for the construction of LNG carriers.

This contract represents a new step forward in the deployment of GTT technologies in Russia. In particular, it will allow Zvezda to build ARC7 ice breaking LNG carriers, fitted with the GTT membrane storage system.

These highly innovative gas carriers are intended to transport LNG produced in Russia. As reported by The Motorship, the ARC7 LNG carriers are expected to operate along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) throughout the year.

Zvezda obtained its GTT license after a qualification process that began in September 2017, including the construction of a Mark III technology mock-up.

The shipyard plans to specialise in the construction of large-capacity vessels, ice-class ships, special vessels and marine equipment or offshore platforms. The construction of LNG carriers is one of the priority directions of the production programme of the shipyard.

Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT declared: “We are pleased to count Zvezda among our new-building partners and to participate in the development of new LNG infrastructures in Russia. The conclusion of this contract is the prelude to a lasting partnership between GTT’s French technologies and Zvezda’s expertise.”

Sergey Tseluyko, General Director of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex, added on this occasion: “We are very proud to be licensed by GTT for Membrane technologies. This will allow us to offer reliable LNG solutions with GTT’s technologies in Russia.”

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