GTT Inks Services Deal with Fleet Management

GTT said it has signed a Global Technical Services Agreement (TSA) with Hong-Kong based ship-management company Fleet Management. GTT will support Fleet Management with the shipbuilding supervision, maintenance and operation of the vessels they manage.

This agreement includes technical assistance for inspection, maintenance, repairs, operations and engineering services, and access to the HEARS1 emergency hotline, which enables ship-owners, operators and their crews to contact GTT’s experts 24/7 to respond to operational issues.

Fleet Management is currently supervising the newbuilding of the new generation of very large ethane carriers (VLEC), under construction in Korea, with deliveries in October 2020 onward, all equipped with GTT Mark III technology.

Kishore Rajvanshy, Managing Director, Fleet Management Limited, said, “We are currently managing the construction of six Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC) with GTT Mark III membrane containment system in Korea. These vessels are unique in design and have several new features such as multigas Deep Well Pumps, increased design speed, reduce Boil Off rate, etc.”

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