Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants Expands in the Mediterranean

Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants said it has expanded its network in the Mediterranean to 27 ports in Greece, seven ports in Egypt, and 20 ports in Turkey.

Partner’s production facilities in Turkey and Greece, as well as a warehouse in Egypt, allow the company to maintain product availability and provide short notice in the region, it said. 

Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants product portfolio includes 15 branded engine lubricants for use with various kinds of fuel, and also hydraulic, compressor, gear, turbine oils, special greases. Gazpromneft Ocean engine oils developed in 2017 and meet the latest MARPOL requirements.

“Expansion of our supply network in the Mediterranean region is an important step towards setting up a comfortable infrastructure for customers’ businesses. Stable availability of oils in such heavy traffic regions as Suez and the Bosporus, as well as in the majority of other Mediterranean ports, allows to replenish supplies in the nearest point with short notice” Noted Roman Miroshnichenko, Managing Director of Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants.

In addition, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Gazpromneft Marine Lubricants said it has introduced a procedure of non-contact liaising between Gazpromneft specialists and vessel crew.

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