FPT diversifies via electric acquisition

Potenza Technology has been at the forefront of electric powertrain technology since 1999Potenza Technology has been at the forefront of electric powertrain technology since 1999

FPT Industrial, the diversified Italian conglomerate, has fully acquired Potenza Technology, a UK company specialist in the design and development of electric and hybrid electric powertrain systems.

The acquisition, which was announced in March 2020, represents another step in FPT Industrial’s path towards electrification, one of the pillars of its multi-power powertrain strategy.

Based in Coventry, UK, Potenza Technology combines experience in developing high energy density lithium battery packs (including 18650 format cylindrical cells and prismatic cells), with expertise in developing its own battery management systems and ECUs. The company has also been developing an innovative electrical distribution solution, Distributed Body Electronics or DBE, which offers simplified electrical wiring requirements compared to conventionally wired systems.

The company has been focused on automotive electric powertrain technology since 1999, with expertise in functional safety engineering, and electric and electronic systems design and development.

“Thanks to the sustainability benefits of electrification, the powertrain industry needs to focus on this area to overcome the challenges and make it feasible for all potential applications,” said Annalisa Stupenengo, CEO of FPT Industrial. “We are doing our part to enhance our engineering capabilities, and we are pleased to welcome aboard the Potenza Technology team, to further contribute to our innovative powertrain solutions in terms of electrification.”

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