First in-water remote ship surveys using ROV

ROVOne of VUVI’s ROVs. Photo: VUVI/ DNV GL

The world’s first in-water remote ship surveys using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) have been completed by DNV GL.

In-water bottom surveys using ROVs have now been carried out on three separate Wilson-managed vessels, with the first having been completed on the Wilson Fedje in December 2019.

The latest in-water survey of this kind was performed earlier in July on another Wilson-managed vessel in Bergen, Norway. As with the two previous surveys, it was conducted in collaboration with VUVI, a Norwegian inspection company certified by DNV GL to perform underwater inspections for ships and offshore platforms using ROVs.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with VUVI and Wilson ASA to deliver this exciting new approach to remote surveys,” said Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO of DNV GL – Maritime. “DNV GL has been carrying out remote surveys since 2018, so this service is an extension of a broad suite of remote services that are already available.”

Survey assurance

Survey planning and review of hull drawings were completed the day prior to the survey to optimise the degree of survey assurance. During the inspection, VUVI’s sonar technology was used to scan the vessel’s bottom in order to locate the hull equipment, such as echo sounder sensors, speed log sensors and sea chests, while simultaneously assessing the general condition of the hull.

DNV GL’s digital industry platform Veracity was used by VUVI, DNV GL and Wilson to ensure secure data transfer when saving and sharing the video stream from the remote survey.

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