Evac Evolution BWMS for Irish Lights vessel

The ‘ILV Granuaile’ will have an Evac Evolution BWMS Photo: Evac The ‘ILV Granuaile’ will have an Evac Evolution BWMS Photo: Evac

The Evac Evolution ballast water treatment system (BWMS) will be installed on an aids to navigation vessel operated by the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

The ILV Granuaile will place and service 150 offshore buoys which warn mariners of the location of sand banks, reefs and other offshore hazards. The vessel also provides support for the teams tasked with maintaining a further 65 lighthouses and beacons around the coast of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“We are delighted to have won the BWMS order for a vessel which has such an important role in maintaining safety at sea and protecting the marine environment,” said Adam Rogers, Evac’s head of global sales for ballast water management systems.

The 79.69m vessel is equipped with dynamic positioning equipment and accommodates a crew of 16. It will be installed with an Evac Evolution system with the capacity to treat ballast water at a rate of up to 250m3/hr. The components will be supplied in modular form enabling them to be distributed to make the best use of available space within the engine room.

The Evac Evolution attained IMO and US Coast Guard Approval last year and is based on a combination of filtration and UV technology. It has a feedback loop which uses UV transmission as the parameter for precisely determining UV dosage and is effective in fresh, brackish and seawater. The system is available with capacities from 34m3/hr to 1,500m3/hr and is suitable for both retrofits and newbuilds.

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