Dryad: Intruder Boards Maersk Ship in Congo

Maritime safety intelligence firm Dryad has cited reports according to which the containership Maersk Regensburg was illegally boarded by one individual at the Banana Anchorage 3nm from shore in Congo.

According to Dryad’s report on Monday, the duty crew on deck spotted the intruder on board removing lashing from a deck. 

The alarm was raised, and the crew mustered. The intruder fled the vessel in a small boat with an outboard motor, Dryad said.

“Vessel search conducted and no other abnormalities noted. One container had one lashing bar removed. All attempts to contact Pilot/shore by VHF 16 failed. All crews are reported safe,” Dryad reported

According to Dryad, this is only the second incident in this location within the last 12 months. 

Incident reporting within this area remains sparse and limited to boarding for theft, Dryad said.

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