Data collection pilot a success

Klaveness and Veracity extend their data collection project Photo: DNV GLKlaveness and Veracity extend their data collection project Photo: DNV GL

Klaveness Ship Management has expanded its contract with Veracity to include a further eight vessels following the successful completion of a pilot project to collect onboard systems data.

The pilot project, encompassing three vessels and launched last year, has shown that a reduction in fuel consumption can be achieved by combining operational, positioning and engine data.

“In Klaveness we have high digital ambitions and by live-streaming sensor data to shore we can change our operating models both on board and in the office,” said Ernst Meyer, chief operating officer of Klaveness. The outcome can be less accidents, less CO2 emissions, higher revenues and lower costs,” he added.

Veracity partnered with Arundo Analytics to install Arundo Edge Agent software on board and stream data on to the Veracity platform where it is secured, stored, contextualised and combined with other data sources such as position data. This ‘fit-for-purpose’ data is then made available by Arundo and Klaveness for analytics and data-sharing.

Klaveness aimed to reduce fuel consumption and operational costs on the three pilot vessels, particularly in terms of optimising the auxiliary engines. Another key objective was to make the operations more transparent between the onboard officers, office personnel and manufacturers by having updated data available onshore on the Veracity platform.

This data combination allowed Klaveness to readily detect inefficiencies in engine performance which was leading to less than optimal fuel consumption as well as higher maintenance and spare part costs.

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