Damen launches zero-emission dredging solution

Damen Shipbuilding Group has launched a variant of its established Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) 650, replacing dredge and hydro pumps with WEG electric motors. The new Electric Cutter Suction Dredger (ECSD) 650 makes zero emissions dredging projects possible, where shore power connections are supplied by a renewable source.

Due to the standardisation of the design, Damen was able to quickly produce the ECSD, exchanging the diesel motor for the dredge pump  for a 1,850kW WEG electric motor, without need for re-engineering. 

The system is built around a standardised MultiDrive system, in which multiple drives are attached to a common DC Bus bar. This modular approach reduces panel sizes, but also ensures the easy adaption of the ECSD to suit varying local grid requirements as the rectifiers convert variable AC to DC aboard the vessel. Damen notes that using the low voltage system aboard the vessel simplifies maintenance and means there is no requirement for special crew training.

On the conventional CSD 650, the rear side pontoons serve only to provide buoyancy; in the ECSD the starboard side pontoon becomes an electrical nerve centre.

The maximum dredging depth is unchanged at 18 metres, while the capacity is unchanged at 7,000 m3/hour.

Damen sales manager Sjoerd de Bruijn says, “The ECSD is just one example of the products and services that Damen is pioneering as we fix our focus on our goal: to be the most sustainable shipbuilder. Our role in this is not just to build electric vessels. As integrator we provide the connection, linking and aligning stakeholders from industry and academia. In this way we build a knowledge network that encourages the wider development of sustainable solutions and ensures the long-term viability of the maritime industry.”

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