Damen Equipment for Korea's Oil Spill Recovery/Dredging Vessel

Dutch Damen Shipyards Group has signed a deal with Korean yard Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction (HHIC) to deliver components for an oil recovery/dredging vessel. 

Under the deal, Damen will deliver all equipment for oil recovery operations as well as a complete dredging installation. 

The 5,000 tons, 4,100 m3 vessel multi-purpose vessel will primarily act as an oil recovery vessel, and will undertake work as a hopper dredger when not tending to emergencies.

The equipment package comprises the dredging gear, the oil sweeping gear, and the electric and hydraulic system. Moreover, the integration of all these systems is undertaken by Damen. 

The dredging installation is a complete turnkey package including a 900 mm trailing pipe, designed to dredge at max -30m depth, complete with its gantries and winches, a dredge pump and jet water pump including drives, plus hopper loading and discharging equipment, including dredge valves and overflows.

The oil recovery system consists of a rigid sweeping arm of 15 meters complete with its crane and various oil pumps in order to deal with oils of varying viscosity. The oil recovery system has been designed to work in waves up to 4 meters.

The multi-purpose vessel is being built for KOEM, the Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation. 

A KOEM official said: “With this Multi-purpose oil spill response vessel project, we will be able to build a foundation for strengthening the ability to respond to large-scale marine pollution incidents as well as establish a rapid control system in Korea.”  

The vessel is due to be delivered in 2022.

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