CTI helps ensure recycling compliance

CTI is providing sampling services to ensure ships comply with recycling regulations Photo: CTICTI is providing sampling services to ensure ships comply with recycling regulations Photo: CTI

Tough market conditions caused in part by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to many shipowners yet to undertake the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the European ship recycling regulations coming into force at the end of the year.

The EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EUsRR) stipulates that all ships over 500 GRT which call at EU ports must demonstrate that they have an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) onboard. Current estimates indicate that more than a third of the expected 20,000 ships which will need to comply have yet to begin on the road to compliance.

Obtaining an IHM requires sampling the ship for hazardous materials and a mini-industry of individuals and small companies has emerged offering IHM services. One company which has gained industry recognition in this field is Centre Testing International (CTI) which has over the years undertaken numerous projects for several major shipowners such as CMA CGM, Euronav, Maersk Line, Maersk Drilling, Pioneer Marine and Stolt Tankers.

For CMA CGM, CTI caried out a range of essential services, including newbuilding surveys, targeted sampling during docking periods, removal of asbestos, IHM preparation, ship recycling supervision and asbestos management audits of suppliers. CMA CGM’s safety officer praised ‘the excellent work and assistance provided by CTI teams since we started working together’.

“As a third-party marine expert, CTI Marine Services has a highly qualified motivated marine technical team and always pursues high quality service with positive action,” said John Ren Di, general manager of CTI.

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