ChartWorld, JRC Team on Information Overlays

ChartWorld are JRC are cooperating on the addition of ChartWorld’s Information Overlay service, known as CIO+ onto JRC ECDIS.  

CIO+ is a data overlay shown in ECDIS as a user chart, loaded on top of Electronic Navigational Charts. CIO+ is a tool to help the Bridge team with the task of developing and executing efficient voyage plans by automating the process of applying additional data in ECDIS by means of User Chart objects.

CIO+ is currently available for JRC ECDIS 9201 for both Ver.01.20.026 released in April 2017 and Ver.01.30.012 released in August 2017.

A few features of new system include:

  • T&P linked to user chart (can be monitored)
  • T&P can be included to the route check before monitoring
  • Warn a user if approach the T&P NtM, POP-up MSG will show up before approach.

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