Cathelco MGPS fitted on oil spill vessel

An oil spill response and towage vessel will have a Cathelco MGPS Photo: CathelcoAn oil spill response and towage vessel will have a Cathelco MGPS Photo: Cathelco

A new multi-purpose oil spill response and towage vessel being built for the Kuwait Oil Co will be installed with a Cathelco marine growth prevention system (MGPS) to prevent bio-fouling and corrosion in seawater pipework.

The 60m vessel, currently under construction at the Uzmar Shipyard in Turkey, will be equipped for towing services, area surveillance, offshore fire-fighting, logistics support duties and search and rescue in an area around Kuwait and in international waters.

“This is a very advanced oil spill recovery vessel and we are delighted to be supplying equipment which will keep vital seawater systems free from blockages,” said Erdal Dincer of Industrial & Marine Supplies, Evac agent in Turkey. Cathelco has been part of the Evac Group since 2018.

To protect the pipework against marine growth and corrosion, copper and ferrous anodes will be installed in five seachests, connected to a control panel. In operation, the copper anodes produce ions which prevent the larvae of barnacles and mussels from settling and creating blockages in engine cooling and firefighting systems.

At the same time, the ferrous anodes produce ions which create a protective coating on the internal surfaces of pipes to mitigate corrosion. The concentration is around two parts per billion; effective at preventing marine growth but too small to have an effect on the environment.

Delivery is scheduled for Q4 2020.

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