Caterpillar Marine launches new C32B engine

The new Cat C32B offers 5% higher power density than existing C32 engines (credit: Caterpillar Marine)The new Cat C32B offers 5% higher power density than existing C32 engines (credit: Caterpillar Marine)

Caterpillar Marine has launched a new engine based on its existing C32 high-speed engine platform. The Cat C32B is rated at 2,025 hp at 2,300 rpm, extending the power capability of the C32 product line, and delivering a 5% power increase over existing C32 ratings.

The company noted that new C32 largely retains the same connection points and footprint as the existing C32 engine. The engine displaces 32.1 l, and is 2106mm in length, 1482mm in width and 1445mm high.

The engine features Cat’s latest electronic engine control system, ADEM 6 ECM. The system includes electronic diagnostics and fault logging, engine and transmission monitoring and electronic fuel/air ratio control.

The company notes that the unit incorporates an ‘enhanced’ unit injector fuel system, which delivers reduced noise at low engine loads.

“We’re very excited to offer our customers more power with the C32B engine, while also helping to reduce engine noise and continuing to provide excellent engine performance and reliability,” says Allen Bowman, marine product strategy engineer for Caterpillar Marine. “The C32B will provide expanded opportunities for our customers for new builds and repower options, which is generating excitement about the future of the C32B and what it will bring to the market.”

The engine will be available with the same emissions certifications as the current C32, including EPA Tier 3 Recreational and IMO II. The engine is currently being promoted for customers in the recreational segment and will be available for order from autumn.

Looking further ahead, Caterpillar Marine noted genset and auxiliary engine applications were among the potential future applications for C32B under evaluation.

Cat C32B specifications

Cylinder bore (mm)


Piston stroke (mm)


Speed (rpm)


Cylinder output (bkW)


Cylinders (no)

12 (v-line only)

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