Breakthrough in LNG bunkering in Canada

Cryopeak and ITB are developing a new tug and barge for LNG bunkering Photo: CryopeakCryopeak and ITB are developing a new tug and barge for LNG bunkering Photo: Cryopeak

Cryopeak and ITB have developed a design for an articulated tug and barge (ATB) which is planned to be in operation in 2023.

The solution for the 4,000m3 ATB will be based on one of ITB’s tugs designed and built in Vancouver to deliver LNG as a fuel to shipping companies calling at ports on the West Coast.

“We are excited to partner with Island Tug & Barge to combine ITB’s marine operations expertise with Cryopeak’s expertise in LNG distribution and project development. We look forward to developing this initiative and supporting the use of LNG as a marine fuel on the West Coast,” said Calum McClure, chief executive of Cryopeak.

This project marks an important breakthrough for the development of LNG bunkering in Western Canada by allowing shipping companies to secure a lower cost and a more environmentally sustainable fuel source. “This initiative supports the Port of Vancouver in joining other leading ports globally in offering LNG bunkering services,” said Mr McClure.

ABS is a leader in LNG as a marine fuel, working with innovators all over the world on LNG projects that advance sustainability in shipping. “We are proud to be able to add this exciting project to that list,” said John McDonald, ABS senior vice president, global business development.

Cryopeak has engaged with local First Nations to develop business opportunities associated with the project.

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