Alfa Laval to develop turnkey LFSS for ammonia engines

The Alfa Laval Fuel Conditioning Module (FCM) LPG was the basis for the company's ammonia FCM research. (credit: Alfa Laval)The Alfa Laval Fuel Conditioning Module (FCM) LPG was the basis for the company’s ammonia FCM research. (credit: Alfa Laval)

Alfa Laval plans to produce a turnkey liquid fuel supply system for ammonia-fuelled engines, it confirmed in a company presentation.

“Alfa Laval is working to develop fuel conditioning solutions for alternative fuels, and for ammonia in particular,” Luca Lori, Global Application Manager – Fuel Conditioning Systems at Alfa Laval told an online seminar.

“We are taking in part in projects that are analysing all aspects of the applicability of this fuel on board, including safety, storage on board, and how to efficiently supply the fuel to the engine,” Lori continued.

Alfa Laval has been engaged in research into the development of liquid fuel supply systems for high-pressure dual-fuel ammonia engines with MAN Energy Solutions for some years.

Alfa Laval notes that for high-pressure dual-fuel engines, the existing fuel conditioning solution used for LPG on ME-LGIP engines can be applied with a few modifications.

By contrast, fuel gas supply systems for low-pressure dual-fuel engines are likely to resemble low-pressure LNG supply systems.

Lori concluded by noting that it would be necessary to propose retrofit solutions for existing vessels in order to help shipowners’ meet IMO 2030 objectives.

For more details about Alfa Laval’s perspective on ammonia as a marine fuel, read a joint technical study here.

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