ABS, LR Update Common Structural Rules Software

Common Structural Rules Software LLC (CSR), a joint venture company formed by ABS and Lloyd’s Register (LR), has updated its products to comply with the latest Rule Change Notice (RCN) from the International Association of Classification Societies.

The CSR Prescriptive Analysis (PA) and CSR Finite Element Analysis (FEA) products have been updated to support users with creating designs that comply with the latest July 1, 2020 RCN.

The update follows improvements to CSR PA and CSR FEA software products introduced earlier this year, which added new functionality. CSR PA now has the flexibility to allow users to directly import NAPA cross sectional structural data, and the CSR FEA software has been enhanced to carry out local model analysis

The software provides users with an easy way to evaluate ship designs against CSR and is employed by more than 600 users. Regular updates will continue to improve functionality and address rule changes.

The updated CSR PA and CSR FEA applications are available for download from the Common Structural Rules Software LLC website.

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