ABS innovates with steel mill remote survey

ABS is deploying its remote survey capabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic Photo: ABSABS is deploying its remote survey capabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic Photo: ABS

A remote survey for steel certification at a steel mill by ABS has enabled work on two self-elevating drilling units (SEDU) at Lamprell Energy, UAE to continue despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Lamprell ordered 8855 MT of steel for two SEDUs from Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel Mill in Gujarat but travel restrictions caused by Covid-19 mitigation measures made it impossible for ABS to certify the steel at the mill in person, potentially delaying the project.

In what is understood to be an industry first, ABS proposed a remote survey option, with ABS surveyors in Mumbai certifying the steel with data provided by the mill, and production of the SEDUs continuing on schedule.

“I am proud of how we have innovated to respond to a real-world challenge and support our customers in the delivery of this key material despite the unprecedented challenges created by the virus,” said Matt Tremblay, ABS senior vice president global offshore.

“ABS’s remote inspection solution has been an excellent mitigation solution to maintain the quality assurance and schedule demands of our projects,” added Lamprell’s chief operating officer, Hani El Kurd.

ABS has significantly expanded its remote survey capability and is now able to conduct almost all classification annual surveys remotely on eligible vessels and has made its remote survey and audit services available to equipment and materials manufacturing clients all over the globe.

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